Employees and health professionals

How to demonstrate values in patient care

Values of McPherson Hospital will be demonstrated by our words, our actions and our attitudes. "Positive" and "caring" are two simple words that will govern every interaction we have with patients, family and other customers of McPherson Hospital.

  • We will treat others as they would like to be treated.
  • We will maintain patient, resident and employee confidentiality and respect at all times.
  • We will make appropriate eye contact while offering assistance and caring.
  • We will offer McPherson Hospital maps and escort customers to guide them throughout the hospital and the clinic.
  • We will use kind, courteous, simple language and appropriate body language.
  • We will answer the telephone within three rings and transfer customers politely, promptly and professionally.
  • We will respond to requests – in person or electronically – promptly, responding the same day request is made or within twenty-four hours.
  • We will strive for quality and consistency in all we do, and we will maintain integrity by trying to do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it. And when we fail to do so, we will apologize.
  • We will wear a nametag and introduce ourselves, our role, and purpose.
  • We will ensure patients wait no more than fifteen minutes for their appointment without being informed of the reason and offered options.
  • We will be creative and cost efficient – a good steward – in use of resources.
  • We will be committed to keeping the physical environment neat, clean and organized.
  • We will be committed to learning to improve our skills, maintain a great attitude and make meaningful contributions to our team.
  • We will be a positive spokesperson for the healthcare system, representing our co-workers and ourselves positively when we are in the communities we serve.
  • We will take problems to our supervisor as appropriate, offering solutions to those problems.

PRIDE Committee

Since its inception, the McPherson Hospital Employee PRIDE Fund has purchased equipment totaling $56,920 from funds donated by our dedicated employees for the enhancement of McPherson Hospital. Committed to the principals set forth by the hospital providing professional health care to all that enter the facility, employees believe it is extremely important to give back to an organization that is vital to maintaining the quality of life in McPherson.

KU Med Center

The Medical Education Network Sites are an integral part of the School of Medicine’s mission to implement rural health initiatives throughout the state of Kansas.