Job Title: Chief Clinical Officer (CCO)
Hours: Full-time/80 hours every 2 weeks
Job Summary: The Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) provides leadership and oversight of clinical programs and provides supervision to core clinical departments and staff. The CCO develops and implements goals and objectives of the ancillary and nursing programs under their direction. The CCO supports the development and implementation of tools and training curriculum, and implements policies and procedures to drive forward a culture of service excellence and exceptional care, delivered by all individuals working for and/or associated with McPherson Center for Health to ensure that quality and comprehensive service is being delivered on all levels. The CCO promotes the goal of a safe and comfortable environment for patients and staff.
Essential Job Accountabilities:

  • Perform all duties and demonstrate behaviors and attitudes consistent with the Mission Statement and Core Values of the organization.
  • Continually participate in building and maintaining positive working relationships through effective communication, performance improvement and teamwork efforts.
  • Be of good character and reputation; sufficient physical, mental, and emotional health to satisfactorily perform his/her job duties.
  • Actively participate in safety programs of the organization by identifying potential risks and promoting client safety as well as environmental safety.
  • Accomplish individual and team goals and objectives.
  • Comply with HIPAA guidelines regarding client rights and confidentiality. Comply with all documentation and training.
  • In collaboration with the executive team, play a key role in the overall development, strategic planning, service delivery, and management of the organization.
  • Provide administrative and clinical leadership to program managers to support and develop the provision of services, to deliver high-value care that is financially feasible and sustainable.
  • Evaluate the needs for the delivery of services, recruitment, interviewing, and hiring to fulfill program needs; staff assignment; completion of performance appraisals, and managing employee relations.
  • Deploy resources efficiently and effectively toward organizational goals, working with staff to balance workload and effort, and provide ongoing feedback so that staff can continuously improve their supervision and mentoring skills.
  • Identify and develop business relationships with external organizations/providers/community groups; create specified and catered curriculum for each partnership; conduct presentations and communications.
  • Create a work climate that emphasizes collective team performance and demonstrates McPherson Center for Health’s core competencies.
  • Represent at the local and national level by attending networking and educational opportunities and promoting the positive reputation of the organization.
  • Build and maintain strong working relationships with staff and supervisors, as well as external contacts.
  • Oversee the development of practice standards across all disciplines consistent with the organization’s mission, and communicate the philosophy and strategies to executive, management, clinical and direct support staff.
  • Direct the delivery of the clinical and community oriented services.
  • Review and respond to legal concerns or requests regarding clinical services.
  • Spearhead initiatives to identify opportunities for improving outcomes in clinical effectiveness, clinical practice, and standards, and enhancing quality and safety outcomes.
  • Develop and provide leadership over the development of a competency-based clinical curriculum and training programs for staff.
  • Assist with regular review and updates to hospital Policies and Procedures.
  • Provide individual and group supervision of clinical staff.
  • Work as a member of a team to establish and maintain a high level of care and respect and communication.
  • Work in a consistently professional manner at all times, which includes, but is not limited to, treating all patients, clients, staff, guests, and volunteers with dignity and respect.
  • Implement emergency procedures as necessary.
  • Comfortable leading and working with multiple clinical department leaders, including nursing.
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills with friendly and professional demeanor.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, with astute ability to articulately present material in front of and audience.
  • Perform other duties as directed.


      Minimum Required:
    • Required Bachelor’s Degree or ADN
    • Preferred Master’s degree in nursing, psychology, counseling, education, social work, or related clinical or management field with extensive experience in the delivery of clinical services.

    • Five (5) years management experience


Job Title: Cook
Hours: Full-time/80 hours every 2 weeks
Shift: Days and Every other weekend/holiday
Description: We are proud of not serving typical "hospital" food. This position will cover morning Clerk, as well as preparing/serving/cleaning up breakfast, lunch, and supper. Training is done 1 position at a time until you are confident in it.

    Job Requirements Include:

    • Reading and following recipes
    • Preparing meals for inpatients, meals on wheels, and cafeteria
    • Doing prep work for upcoming day
    • Cleanliness
    • Works well in a fast paced, friendly environment
    • Other duties as assigned
    • Food service experience preferred, but not required.
    • Must be a team player and work well with others
    • Good communication skills(speaking, writing, spelling, reading, etc...)
    • Basic math functions (addition, subtraction, fractions, etc..)


    Job Title: Food Service Worker
    Shift: Weekends/9am-3pm
    Hours: Part-time/24 hours every 2 weeks

    • Prepare Salad Bar
    • Run cash register
    • Serve lunch
    • Wash dishes
    • Other duties as assigned


Emergency Room

Job Title: RN
Hours: Full-time/72 hours every 2 weeks
Shift: Nights (7p-7a)
Job Requirements Include:

  • Works in the Emergency Department/Trauma Care environment
  • Documents concerns, findings, and actions, implementing appropriate plan of care related to patient's diagnosis for continuity of care
  • Assess patient's condition continuously monitoring changes in status physical findings, vital signs, and coping skills ensuring appropriate care is given related to patient needs
  • Maintain a current knowledge of care and procedure's for the emergency and trauma patient including an understanding of facility policies, and state and federal laws to provide optimal care for the patient
  • Current RN license in the state of Kansas
  • Hospital experience in ER required


Job Title: RN
Hours: PRN opportunities available
Job Requirements Include:

  • Works in the Emergency Department/Trauma Care environment
  • Documents concerns, findings, and actions, implementing appropriate plan of care related to patient's diagnosis for continuity of care
  • Assess patient's condition continuously monitoring changes in status physical findings, vital signs, and coping skills ensuring appropriate care is given related to patient needs
  • Maintain a current knowledge of care and procedure's for the emergency and trauma patient including an understanding of facility policies, and state and federal laws to provide optimal care for the patient
  • Current RN license in the state of Kansas
  • Hospital experience in ER required


Job Title: EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic
Hours: PRN opportunities available
Job Summary: Administers emergency medical care to sick and/or injured patients and transports those patients to an appropriate medical facility. Functions as an EMS team member by performing the duties outlined and authorized by the Kansas Board of EMS regulations, State of Kansas statutes, McPherson EMS standing orders, and McPherson EMS standard operating procedures (SOPs).
Essential Job Accountabilities:

  • Administers appropriate emergency medical treatment to patients while on scene and/or during transport as authorized by the Paramedic scope of practice to meet requirements of EMS approved standing orders.
  • Provides appropriate treatment during transport to an appropriate medical facility and observes patient and varies treatment based on individual patient response to interventions as part of the EMS team to meet requirements of EMS approved standing orders.
  • Creates accurate patient care report (PCR) for each patient utilizing web-based documentation program ( and portrays accurate scene description, history of present illness, exam/assessment findings, appropriate treatment rendered, and all other relevant information to assist physician in patient care and to maintain accurate EMS and hospital patient records.
  • Learns and maintains excellent geographical knowledge of McPherson EMS response territory including the City of McPherson, City of Inman, City of Galva, City of Windom, and rural unincorporated areas within the territory to ensure appropriate response time.
  • Maintains EMS units to appropriate operational condition. Ensures cab and patient compartment are clean, sanitary, and adequately stocked with necessary equipment and supplies. Keeps exterior clean, free of debris, and presentable as an emergency vehicle representing McPherson EMS to ensure quality patient care.
  • Maintains appropriate skill level relevant to the Paramedic certification. Attends EMS-based training in order to attain necessary annual re-certification
  • Engages in appropriate personal protection in regards to body substance isolation, hazardous materials, and dangerous/unsafe vehicles, structures, and scenes to ensure safety of patients and EMS personnel.
  • Operates emergency vehicles in accordance to Kansas laws and McPherson EMS SOPs. Obeys traffic laws and regulations in regards to emergency vehicle operations during emergent and non-emergent events to ensure safety of patients and EMS personnel.
  • Current certification as an EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic issued by the Kansas Board of EMS is required.
  • Current BLS Healthcare Provider certification issued by AHA is required.
  • Current ACLS, PALS, PHTLS, AMLS, PEPP, NRP, and CEVO certification is preferred.


None at this time


None at this time

Fitness Center

None at this time

H.I.M. - Health Information Management

Job Title: Director of Health Information Management / HIPAA Privacy Officer
Hours: Full-time/80 hours every 2 weeks
Job Summary: The Health Information Management Director is responsible for planning, developing, and administering health information systems throughout the facility to ensure compliance with accrediting and regulatory agencies. In addition, the HIM Director acts as the HIPAA Privacy Officer for the facility and oversees all on going activities related to the development, implementation, maintenance, and adherence to the organizations policies and procedures to ensure the privacy of, and access to, patient health information in compliance with federal and state laws.
Essential Job Accountabilities:

  • Supervises Health Information Management personnel and assigns duties to ensure accurate and timely completion of transcription, coding, and all aspects of record management (assembly, abstracting, storage, and release).
  • Develops, maintains, and enforces health information management policies and procedures to comply with state and federal regulations, as well as McPherson Hospital policies and procedures.
  • Analyzes the department’s needs and establishes objectives to address those needs, ensuring the consistency with organizational initiatives. Ensures proper processes are in place to accomplish the objectives.
  • Recruits and retains employees whose knowledge, commitment and work ethic will contribute to McPherson Hospital’s growth. Promotes continuing education and works with employees to identify personal goals, expectations, and accountabilities. Advances employee satisfaction and morale by listening and empowering.
  • Prepares annual budget requests for the department and carefully manages budgeted resources, thereby contributing to the financial viability of McPherson Hospital.
  • Actively participates in hospital-wide performance improvement activities. Identifies opportunities to continuously improve and acts to achieve results.
  • Monitors changes in federal and state laws, as well as accreditation standards, to promote organizational readiness for compliance with new health information management and privacy regulations.
  • Ensures organizational compliance with applicable privacy requirements as the HIPAA Privacy Officer. This accountability may be shared with Human Resources, Administration, and legal counsel, as appropriate.
    • Minimum Associates’ degree in Health Information Management or equivalent formal training program.
    • Bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management administration or comparable degree program preferred.
    Licensure / Certification:
    • Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) or Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA).
    • Three to five years managerial experience preferred.
    • Knowledge of ICD-10 CM, ICD-10 PCS, and CPT coding systems, computer/word processing experience, knowledge of medical terminology, state and federal regulations, as well as HIPAA privacy.
    • Good communication, organization, and management skills are also required.

Hospitalist Physician

None at this time


Job Title: Floor Technician/Housekeeper
Hours: Full-time/Evenings/80 hours every 2 weeks
Job Summary: The Housekeeper / Floor Technician (Technician) performs, coordinates, and/or assists with hard-surface floor and carpet cleaning maintenance and other housekeeping routines and projects throughout the Hospital. Overall, the Technician assists with departmental goals to ensure a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for patients, visitors, and staff.
Job Description:

  • Utilizing housekeeping program products and procedures, the Technician assesses and identifies the appropriated application of products and methods to maintain clean and slip-resistant floor conditions.
  • Independently completes routine floor maintenance such as, hard-surface dry/wet mopping and auto-scrubbing and carpet spotting and extraction.
  • Performs periodic hard-surface floor maintenance such as scrubbing and finish re-coating and finish stripping and refinishing.
  • Independently monitors indoor environments for un-safe conditions involving flooring (slip/trip hazards), general housekeeping up-keep and environmental conditions for the continual and safe operation of assigned areas throughout the Hospital.
  • Demonstrates effective use of time management skills in completing maintenance routines to minimize downtime and impact on user departments and traffic flow.
  • Ensures floor maintenance equipment is properly cleaned after each project, providing for time at the end of each shift for equipment maintenance.
  • Abides by and ensures all compliance measures and policies are followed by "self" monitoring for safe work practices in the following areas: proper and consistent use of personal protective equipment; proper dilution and application of cleaning chemicals; safe use of electrical power equipment; safe lifting and transporting; storage/handling of bio-waste material.
  • Monitors supply usage by demonstrating proper dilution rates (manufacturer suggested) are being followed and that the correct equipment (i.e. pads, brushed, equipment rpm) is being applied to maintain finishes.
Job Requirements:
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • One to Two years of housekeeping/floor maintenance experience preferred
  • Can read/retrieve accurate information from product labeling and manufacturer specifications and material safety data sheets
  • Continuously stand/walk or lift/handle/carry material or equipment of moderate weight (20 to 50 lbs.)

Human Resources

None at this time

Infection Control/Employee Health

None at this time

Information Systems

None at this time


Intensive Care Unit

Job Title: RN
Hours: Full-time/Nights/72 Hours every 2 weeks
Hours: Full-time/Days/72 Hours every 2 weeks
Hours: PRN opportunities available
Job Requirements Include:

  • Possesses excellent critical care skills to plan care, implement interventions, and evaluate for optimum outcomes
  • Demonstrates ability to interpret cardiac rhythms and treat according to ACLS protocol
  • Possesses organizational and time management skills
  • Possesses excellent communication skills
  • Current RN license in the state of Kansas
  • Hospital experience in ICU required
  • ACLS, PALS & BLS verification required within 6 months of hiring


Job Title: Phlebotomist
Shift: Days/Evenings/Weekends
Hours: PRN (as needed) Job Summary: Collects, processes, and delivers specimens to appropriate sections of the Laboratory for testing as ordered by the Physician. Actively participates in outstanding customer service.
Job Requirements Include:

  • Greets and assists patients entering the waiting room and laboratory in a manner that is helpful, friendly, courteous and kind so patient satisfaction is achieved.
  • Establishes proficiency in collecting clinical specimens by veins puncture, finger and heel sticks without complication to ensure proper results are reported.
  • Maintain a well-stocked and clean station to minimize health risks and to present to the public that the laboratory provides exceptional service.
  • Organize lab results from reference labs, pathology reports, etc., so that physician offices, business office and medical records receive complete and accurate results without delay.
  • Coordinates with the laboratory phone calls on all laboratory extensions so that communication is not delayed.
  • Assist in scheduling patients for lab appointments
  • Assist in COVID 19 sample collections
  • ASCP or AMT Phlebotomy license preferred.
  • Experience in Hospital setting preferred.
  • Must be very flexible with hours some evening and weekend work will apply.
  • Must be very flexible with location there will be cross training with main hospital lab and Clinic lab.

Medical/Surgical Unit

Job Title: Medical/Surgical Unit Registered Nurse
Hours: Full-time/72 hours every 2 weeks (7p-7a)
Hours: Part-time/60 hours every 2 weeks (7p-7a)
Job Summary for a Medical/Surgical Unit Registered Nurse: Directs patient care using critical care skills to determine appropriate nursing diagnosis, planning and implementing interventions and evaluating outcome for optimum patient outcome.

  • Plans for and provides direct patient care by using the nursing process with knowledge of hospital policies in order to accomplish goals for the delivery of nursing care.
  • Follows CMS guidelines to assure that indicators are met, thus improving patient outcome.
  • Follows established protocols for narcotic and other medication administration, ensuring the 6 right of medication administration are met.
  • Provides patient teaching according to the plan of care, beginning discharge planning at the time of admission.
  • Communicates pertinent information related to patient's condition to inform physicians, additional staff and/or ancillary departments of changes, needs, and/or plan of care.
  • Documents findings, concerns, actions and outcomes related to patient's diagnosis for continuity of care.
  • Current Registered Nurse license in the state of Kansas


Job Title: CNA or CMA
Open Hours: PRN
Job Requirements Include:

  • Obtains vital signs to ensure stability of patients
  • Distributes meals and documents patient consumption including input and output to ensure nutrition is offered and balance of fluid levels is recorded
  • Administers and provides appropriate personal hygiene including bathing, dressing, and grooming to establish a clean living environment and encourage self esteem
  • Establishes safe, comfortable, and therapeutic environment to promote patient healing
  • Responds quickly to call lights to determine necessary action and recruits help if needed to deliver prompt care for patient comfort and to address patient needs
  • Communicates with the nursing staff to develop positive interactions and a pleasant coordination of care
  • Must have valid CNA license in the state of Kansas


Job Title: RN
Shift: All Shifts
Hours: PRN
Job Requirements Include:

  • Current RN license in the state of Kansas

    Nursing Administration

    None at this time

    Obstetrics/Mother and Baby

    Job Title: RN
    Shift: Nights
    Hours: Full-time/72 hours every 2 weeks
    Job Requirements Include:

    • Current RN license in the state of Kansas
    • Basic Life Support (BLS) certification required or must complete BLS certification within the first two weeks of employment
    • Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP) certification required of must complete within the first 60 days of employment.
    • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification required or must obtain within the first six months of employment
    • Labor and Delivery, postpartum and nursery experience required.


    Job Title: RN
    Shift/Hours: PRN opportunities available
    Job Requirements Include:

    • Current RN license in the state of Kansas
    • Basic Life Support (BLS) certification required or must complete BLS certification within the first two weeks of employment
    • Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP) certification required of must complete within the first 60 days of employment.
    • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification required or must obtain within the first six months of employment
    • Labor and Delivery, postpartum and nursery experience required.

    Patient Financial Services

    Job Title: Customer Service Representative
    Shift: Days
    Hours: Full-time/80 hours every 2 weeks
    Job Summary: Provide outstanding service to our patients by answering questions, handling complaints, and serving as a liaison between patients, payers, and other healthcare members. Create a positive experience for each patient by listening to the patient to identify the reason for the inquiry, address all questions or complaints and provide an accurate and timely response.:

    • Receives billing inquiries from patients, payer, or other representatives via phone, email, or in-person.
    • Responds efficiently and accurately to patients, confirming and clarifying information and diffusing upset patients, as needed.
    • Reviews patient insurance benefits and eligibility.
    • Refers uninsured/underinsured to be reviewed for public benefits or financial assistance.
    • Processes patient payments
    • Establishes monthly payment plans with patients and/or processes patient payments.
    • Uses professional and ethical judgement and critical thinking when performing daily duties.
    • Follow and abide by all hospital policies and procedures in order to maintain employment with the hospital.
    • Must produce accurate and complete work
    • Ability to cross train and back-up the Financial Counselor.


    • High school education required. Associate Business Degree preferred.
    • Two or more years experience in hospital or medical clinic setting preferred.
    • Knowledge of basic medical terminology.


    Job Title: Pharmacy Technician, Certified
    Shift: Days and some weekends
    Hours: PRN (as needed basis)
    Job Summary: Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in preparing and distributing medications, maintaining the medication inventory, and maintaining patient records. Pharmacy support personnel work only under the supervision of a registered pharmacist. They do not perform duties that can legally be performed only by a registered pharmacist.
    Job Duties Include:

    • Fills physician orders, medication surgical kits, medication carts, and stock requisitions accurately
    • Prepares intravenous admixtures and other sterile preparations (including parenteral nutrition and possibly chemotherapy) safely and accurately using appropriate techniques
    • Delivers medications and supplies to patient care and ancillary areas accurately per established schedule.
    • Assists in ordering, receiving, unpacking, and storing medications and supplies in appropriate locations.
    • Completes and documents all assigned medication storage area inspections at least monthly. Identifies and replaces outdated and unusable medications
    • Repackages bulk medications in unit-dose packages safely and accurately per established procedures using appropriate techniques.
    • Other duties as assigned.
    • Registered as a pharmacy technician in good standing with the State Board of Pharmacy
    • Pharmacy technician experience preferred

    Primary Care Clinics

    Title: Licensed Practical Nurse - Clinic
    Department: McPherson Medical and Surgical Associates
    Hours: Full-time/72 hours every 2 weeks
    Job Summary:

      The LPN functions under the supervision and guidance of the Nursing Supervisor or Provider and participates in the multi-disciplinary process of providing care and treatment to patients and provides clinical support and technical assistance to the professional medical and other staff. Provides the highest attainable quality of individualized nursing care for each patient to ensure a safe and therapeutic environment in which the patient's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs are assessed and met during any stage of illness.
    Essential Job Accountabilities:
    • Consistent patient centered, caring disposition is a must for this position
    • Knowledgeable of the scope of practice for all nursing disciplines as described by the Nursing Practice Act
    • Demonstrates the ability to effectively organize and prioritize work and utilize available resources to assist with efficient patient flow in the clinic
    • Demonstrates understanding of appropriate nurse to provider ratios, skill levels, and cost effectiveness strategies
    • Actively assists with routine clinic tasks. Utilizes established methods to ensure consistency in maintaining emergency supplies, stock medications, immunizations, forms, sterile instrument inventory, equipment, and appropriate exam room inventory, etc.
    • Assists in the orientation and education of new nursing employees
    • Utilizes the health center Performance Improvement processes in identifying the center needs related to any aspect of patient care and customer service
    • Demonstrates flexibility in work roles and schedules to meet the changing needs of the center
    • Maintains awareness of new information applicable to job, i.e. policies, meeting minutes, procedures, memos, and protocols
    • Utilizes slow time constructively to enhance center operations and assists other departments when time and workload permits
    • Maintains professional appearance; follows established dress code
    • Promptly informs supervisor of real or potential clinic problems
    • Maintains confidentiality of patients and staff
    • Ability to identify own areas of needed improvement, and formulates goals to work toward.
    • Utilizes appropriate methods to deal with stressful situations
    • Understands and supports organizational goals
    • Meets work schedules, fulfills responsibilities and commitments, i.e. attendance, punctuality, dependability, initiative, productivity and efficiency.
      • Direct and Indirect Patient Care / Clinic Responsibilities:
        • Follows protocol and perform accurate and thorough work-ups and check-ins of all patients
        • Accurately assesses current status as well as preventive health status and communicates needs to provider
        • Assists with patient education based on assessment of patient needs and clinic standards of nursing care and documents in patient record
        • Provides skilled nursing care as demonstrated by safely and accurately performing technical skills (sterile dressings, EKGs, pulmonary treatments, etc.) and the safe, accurate administration of medications, IV fluids, and immunizations
        • Anticipates the needs of providers related to patient visits, and assists providers with patient care
        • Assumes role of advocate to ensure health needs are met including responding to patient phone messages and requests in a timely and professional manner
        • Documents all provider orders, nursing actions, and interventions on patient record consistent with organizational policies
        • Assists with triage patients on-site and via telephone for appropriateness and timeliness of care per provider preference
        • Knowledgeable of and follows all established Infection Control guidelines and OSHA standards and participates in staff training events
        • Performs proper handling and labeling of all test samples according to organizational policies
        • Keeps patients/families informed of situations that affect patient's clinic visit; i.e. extended waiting times, seeing provider other than originally scheduled, etc.
        • Able to perform effectively and appropriately in emergency situations
        • Performs other duties as assigned or requested
        • One to two years Clinic experience preferred
        • Current LPN license in the state of Kansas
        • BLS verification within 6 months of hiring

    Plant Operations

    None at this time

    Quality Improvement

    Job Title: Care Manager
    Hours: Full-time/80 hours every 2 weeks
    Job Summary: The Care Manager collaborates with all members of the health care team to enhance the provision of patient care services and ensures reimbursement for services provided from admission to discharge. They are responsible for assessing, planning and coordinating all aspects of medical and supporting services to promote quality, cost effective care. They will assess all hospital admissions for appropriate status and level of care and coordinate review of continued stay criteria. The Care Manager will work with the multiple disciplinary care team to ensure that care is appropriate based on a patient centered care module and is in line with evidence based best practice guidelines. They will ensure that each patient is discharged to appropriate level of care and coordinate discharge.
    Essential Accountabilities:

    • Ensures continuity and coordination of care for patients before, during, and after hospitalization, and ensures that payer conditions are met.
    • In conjunction with the multidisciplinary team supervises progress and recommends appropriate clinical interventions ensuring patient goals and CMS guidelines are met.
    • Assess patients for the hospital's skilled nursing program; will be responsible for MDS form.
    • Provides utilization reviews requirements and assists in the appeal process if needed.
    • Monitor readmission rate and LOS. Identifies improvement opportunities.
    • Take action to correct variances in length of stay and address them in care progression rounds and follow up with physicians and payers as needed.
    • Facilitate patient discharge and assist in education.
    • Ensure that patients and families have access to resources for post-hospital care needs.
    • Serves as patient advocate.
    • Perform post discharge follow up phone calls.
    • Develop and update policies on a routine basis; updating and education staff when needed.
    • Other duties as assigned.


      • Registered Nurse in the State of Kansas

      • Utilization review
      • Hospital based case management
      • Discharge planning


      Job Title: Medical Social Worker/Care Manager
      Hours: Part-time/40 hours every 2 weeks
      Job Summary: The Medical Social Worker – Care Manager will serve as a member of the multi-disciplinary team who fosters communication and facilitates care along a continuum through effective resource coordination. The Social Worker will be responsible for assisting in providing crisis intervention for patients including assessment of behavioral problems and psychosocial needs in the Acute and Emergency Department setting.
      Job Requirements Include:

      • Advocacy and Education – Serves as a patient advocate for needed services and any needed education.
      • Continuity/Transition Management – Collaborates with providers to ensure the patient is at the appropriate level of admission
      • Utilization/Financial Management – Manages resource utilization and reimbursement for services ensuring compliance with insurance and CMS regulations; serves as a subject matter expert.
      • Performance, Quality and Outcomes Management – Monitors, and if needed, intervenes to achieve desired goals and outcomes for both the patient and the hospital.
      • Psychosocial Management – Assesses and addresses psychosocial needs including individual, familial, environmental, etc.
      • Research and Practice Development – Identifies practice improvements and uses evidence-based data to influence needed practice changes
      • Supports an environment that encourages information sharing, team–based resolutions, cross-training, and process improvement within the area and across organization boundaries.
      • Reports routinely to the Director of Quality Improvement to communicate needs and current agenda in timely fashion.
      • A Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work with a minimum of one year experience.
      • Effective verbal and written communication skills including EMR documentation
      • Good knowledge of access to local community and state-wide resources
      • Experience in team management, strong organization and problem-solving skills
      • BSW/LCSW


    HOURS: Full-time/80 hours every 2 weeks
    JOB SUMMARY: Assists the Radiology Director in maintenance of day to day operations associated with Electronic Health Record(EHR), Radiology Information Systems(RIS) and Picture Archive and Communication Systems(PACS). This position is critical to providing outstanding care and efficient results; the Lead technologist impacts the profitability of the organization as well as the patient experience.

    • Performs Digital Mammography Examinations.
    • Performs Stereotactic Breast Biopsies.
    • Performs DEXA – Bone Density Scanning.
    • Provides excellent patient care and communicates procedures and provides education on an as needed basis to new and existing team members.
    • Effectively handles patient complaints as evidenced by patient survey scores and escalates as necessary.
    • Maintains current MQSA compliance and ACR certification of the Mammography program.
    • Ensures compliance with all Policies and Procedures.
    • Ensures supplies are available as needed to meet patient demands.
    • Coordinates service and maintenance of equipment to ensure minimal downtime, as requested by the Radiology Director.
    • Acts as a point of contact for physician offices requiring clinical information and responds to requests within 24 hours.
    • Maintain current patient imaging records within the radiology department archives for accurate and efficient access.
    • Develop and maintain an excellent working relationship with physicians, supportive departments, radiology director, and radiologists to provide excellent service for provider and patient needs.
    • Actively participates in organizational performance improvement activities. Utilizes available data to identify opportunities to continuously improve and enhance the “product” delivered by the radiology department.
    • Assists in the development of individual and group competency through in-service education and on-the-job training opportunities.
    • Other duties as assigned by leadership.

    • Strong verbal and written communication skills. Well organized and detail oriented.
    • Manages multiple projects and timelines with a sense of urgency and follow through.
    • Maintains a calm, tactful demeanor when dealing with difficult situations.
    • Follows direction with focused attention and exhibits sound judgment.
    • Forms strong working relationships with patients and other team members.


      • Associate’s degree or equivalent formal training program.
      • Minimum two (2) years Digital Mammography experience required.
      • Minimum two (2) years of supervisory experience preferred.
      • Registered Mammography Technologist, ARRT (M) required.
      • Kansas State Board of Healing Arts – LRT
      • Basic Life Support


      Job Title: Mammography Technologist
      Shift: Days
      Hours: 40 hours every 2 weeks
      Job Summary: Produces high quality images for accurate interpretation while working collaboratively with other healthcare team members toward the best outcome for the patient and organization.
      Primary Responsibilities:

      • Perform mammography procedures using proper positioning and exposure techniques for optimal diagnostic value.
      • Maintain working knowledge of equipment with ability to manipulate and maneuver safely as well as recognize malfunctions for safety of patient and operator.
      • Ability to learn and maintain a working knowledge of current HIS, RIS and PACS systems utilized within the department to ensure timely and accurate patient records.


      • ARRT Registered.
      • Kansas license required.
      • Basic Life Support (BLS) required.
      • Stereotactic experience required.

    Respiratory Care

    Job Title: Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT)
    Job Summary: Provide all modalities of Respiratory Care to all age groups in all areas of the hospital, working with patients, family members, physicians and other hospital staff in a family centered environment.
    Hours: Full-time/80 hours every 2 weeks (PRN opportunities also available)

    Job Requirements Include:

    • Establish and maintain patient airway in emergent situations to provide adequate ventilation.
    • Initiate and maintain mechanical and IPPV ventilation for optimal patient outcomes
    • Administer inhaled medications in accordance with established policies and protocols for medications and therapies in accordance to established procedures and protocols to patients.
    • Evaluate and recommend therapy and protocols to provide for best practices for patients
    • Obtain, analyze, and evaluate ABG's from patients and recommend treatment
    • Participate in C-section and high risk deliveries to assess and treat neonates.
    • Adapt to the constantly changing hospital environment, working independently and both independently and in collaboration with the health care team to provide positive patient outcomes.
    • State of Kansas License from the Board of Healing Arts.
    • Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) credential from the NBRC.

    Surgical Services

    Job Title: Surgical Technologist
    Shift: Days, plus call
    Hours: Full-time/40 hours per week plus call
    Job Summary: The surgical technologist handles the instruments, supplies, and equipment necessary during the surgical procedure.
    Job Requirements Include:

    • Gathers, checks and opens supplies and equipment needed for the surgical procedure.
    • Performs the surgical scrub, and donning gown and gloves.
    • Sets up the sterile back table and stand with instruments, supplies, equipment, and medications/solutions needed for the procedure.
    • Performs initial instrument, sharps and sponge counts with the circulator.
    • Assists the team members with gowning and gloving.
    • Assists with draping the patient and establishing the sterile field.
    • Participates in the surgical site and patient verification during the time out procedure.
    • Prepares and anticipates additional instrumentation, equipment and supplies for usage during the procedure.
    • Minimum of one to two years’ experience in the operating room environment preferred.
    • Certification as a Surgical Tech is required

      Job Title: RN Circulator
      Hours: Full-time/80 Hours every 2 weeks, plus call
      Job Summary: Works in collaboration with the surgeon, CRNA, and entire OR staff to maintain a safe surgical environment for the patient. Takes accountability for the care given to assigned patients, and functions within the KS Nurse Practice Act, to deliver comprehensive, family centered nursing care to all patients.
      Job Requirements Include:

      • Coordinate the surgical patients care in the perioperative setting.
      • Assists anesthesia during intubation and extubating
      • Oversee the application of aseptic technique
      • Performs nursing activities in the operating room where the circulating nurse is the patient's advocate
      • Provides support to the surgeon, as well as the entire surgical team in the care of the surgical patient.
      • Knowledgeable in the circulating duties of many different procedures, especially, but not limited to; General Surgery, ENT, OB/GYN, and Podiatry.
      • Communicate pertinent information related to patients condition to inform doctors, additional staff nurses and/or ancillary departments of patients needs and/or plan of care.
      • Document concerns, findings, and actions, implementing appropriate care plans related to patients diagnosis for continuity of care.
      • Maintains competency of procedures, equipment, instrumentation, and supplies in the surgical setting.
      • Associate's degree or equivalent formal training program.
      • Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (preferred requirement)
      • 6 months practicing as an RN in an acute hospital setting preferred.
      • One to Two years operating room experience preferred.
      • Licensed in the State of Kansas as a Registered Nurse
      • ACLS & PALS verified within 6 months of hiring.


    Urgent Care

    None at this time