Article-New CT Scanner Installed

Mon, 04/25/2022 - 17:47 -- Cyril Russell

McPherson Center for Health announces the addition of a new CT scanner to its arsenal of tools to assist providers and patients seeking answers to health issues. The hospital has acquired a Siemens go.Top EXCEL CT scanner. It is a state-of-the-art machine that improves the patient experience by limiting the time needed to conduct the scan.

Director of Radiology Tammy Field-Kempton said, “A separate tablet allows technologists to conduct some patient registration on the fly while the patient is on the table. This improves the patient experience by reducing the time needed to perform most studies.” She added that with the new technology, the high-quality images are produced more quickly than before.

Technologists have been spending time recently learning about the equipment and in intensive training to prepare for patient experiences.

The CT scanner is another example of a focus on enhancing radiology modalities at the hospital. With the consolidation of many services into the Women’s Imaging and Diagnostics Center a couple of years ago, and the acquisition of a permanent MRI last year, hospital staff say they are confident in their ability to provide exceptional services to patients here locally without the need to travel to receive modern radiology services.

Christopher Stipe, President and Chief Executive Officer said, “This is the best CT technology available in our industry. Our patients deserve nothing less. They will benefit from the highest quality images possible and we will be able to offer new services with this technology.”

Field-Kempton said people would be surprised how many scans are performed in the facility. “We run an average of 300 to 340 CT exams each month. This includes inpatients and the emergency department, so the machine is in high demand,” she said. “An added benefit to the purchase of a Siemens CT scanner is that our MRI is also a Siemens product so we have some continuity for our technologists for the workflow and for patient care. We want the community to get the best imaging and patient care in our area.”

Hospital officials say the machine is now in service and they are ready to assist patients in the utilization of this important diagnostic tool.

Pictured are technologists Tonya Conner, Morgan Williams, Tammy Field-Kempton and Jordon Schoenecker